6 (More) Podcasts I’m Currently Listening To

Some of the below podcasts are worth listening to in consecutive order because they tell a story over the course of the podcast and you’ll want to follow along.

Others are more interview-based, or discuss topics that live independently within each episode, so feel free to hop around and download whatever catches your attention!

Check out these six podcasts I’m listening to this month:


I know, I know. I’m way late to this party. I didn’t hop on the Serial bandwagon right away, but now that I did – I’ve become obsessed with it! Binged the first season in like, 3 days. It’s an investigative reporting podcast that looks into a true story – told week by week. Trust the hype, this is a good one.

Atlanta Monster

The newest true-crime podcast to come out and make waves. Atlanta Monster explores the true story of Atlanta’s missing kids, who were kidnapped from their neighborhoods in the early 80’s.  I’ve only listened to the first episode so far and I’m hooked. It’s sad, and at times, hard to listen to, but if you’re the type that likes Law & Order (or is a Muderino), then you’ll be into this podcast.

The Offbeat Life

Switching gears from crime to travel-related podcasts, The Offbeat Life explores the lives of people who have chosen to be “location independent” – i.e. digital nomads and people who make a living remotely. It’s interesting to hear the ups and downs of working while traveling, and inspiring to learn about these people who have ditched the norm.

I personally really enjoy the podcast, but it’s a good listen regardless of whether you’re as wanderlust obsessed as I am.

Style Your Mind

It’s January, and I can’t help but be all about the resolutions, intentions, and goal-setting, so some self-help manifesting podcasts were a natural inclination this month. Style Your Mind is hosted by life coach Cara Alwill Leyba, creator of The Champagne Diet (hello, if that doesn’t have my name all over it…) and offers tips, tricks, and all the good stuff to help you design your thoughts and empower yourself. It’s major girl power.

Book vs. Movie

All my fellow bookworms and nerds, this one’s for you. Book Vs. Movie is a podcast that dives into the inevitable question: What’s better… the book or the movie? The two hosts (both named Margo) take a side and analyze these two forms of the same story. They definitely spoil the details, plot twists and endings – so don’t listen if you haven’t finished the book and/or movie.

If your a fan of book clubs and like to discuss this type of question, then listen to The Margo’s do it. They’ve covered a lot of books/movies, so scroll through and take your pick.

BONUS: If you prefer to listen to books, check out Audible and use audibletrial.com/unmapped for a FREE audiobook of your choice!

Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Another self-help-ish type podcast, but this one zeros in on career advice. Don’t Keep Your Day Job offers real life strategies that help you take your hobbies and turn them into a full-time job, including interviews with creative people of all types and the stories of how they got there.

If your work is not something you love, and you’re unsure how to turn your creative passions into real work, listening to this podcast is a solid first step.

Missed the latest episode of Unmapped?

It’s all about the concept of SURPRISE travel (yep, like not knowing where your destination is until you get to the airport!) featuring Pack Up & Go – a surprise travel agency. It’s fun, interesting, and super inspiring.

Check it out here:

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