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by Angelina Zeppieri


How To See Italy In 10 Days: Milan to Rome

Traveling to Europe is totally doable for the working guy or gal, and it’s possible to see multiple cities of Italy in 10 days. Sure – it’s not entirely ideal to only have 10 days for exploring (9 or so once you cut out travel days) but it’s possible. And no one should limit or […] Read More

What To Eat In Capri

Capri is a beautiful island off the coast of Naples and Sorrento, Italy. As one of the more cosmopolitan islands in the Mediterranean Sea, it has always attracted celebrities and vacationers with its’ high end boutiques, luxury shopping and beautiful hotels.  Read More

Postcards from: Murano & Burano

There are two islands off of Venice that are well worth the ride on the Water Bus. Both Murano and Burano are known for beautiful, bright colors of various kinds.  Read More

Top 10 Things to Do in Venice

Venice is the well-known Italian city to the North. It’s comprised of over 100 islands, ironically in the shape of a fish. With no roads for cars, the city’s main methods of transportation is either on water or foot. The many canals that snake in and out of this “floating city” make Venice an absolute […] Read More

How to Spend 24 Hours in Rome

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it IS possible to see it all in just one! We were crunched on time (again) and had to get in as much as we could. If you’ve only got 24 hours in Rome, here’s one way to do it.  Read More

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