Where Next

by Angelina Zeppieri


Postcards from: Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is a region in central Italy that is rich in history, architecture, food and art. Our Italian adventures brought us to this region for barely 24 hours. Anyone who has ever been to Tuscany knows this is not nearly enough time. We could have spent a full 4 days exploring the cities and landscapes. […] Read More

Hiking the Cinque Terre Trail

Cinque Terre is a gorgeous destination on the Italian Riviera that’s become a popular vacation spot. Literally translating to “five lands”, Cinque Terre consists of five separate towns, each with aqua blue coast lines and colorful houses built up in its mountains.   Read More

Postcards from Frosinone, Italy

I have Italy on the brain…. I’ve been seeing signs everywhere! From the bloggers I follow on Instagram, to the travel newsletters I subscribe to and my current cravings for gelato and glasses of vino.  Read More

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