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by Angelina Zeppieri


What To Eat In Barcelona

What to eat in Barcelona

Heading to Barcelona straight after a three-night binge in Ibiza might not have been the most well thought-out plan, but if there’s one thing this cosmopolitan city was good for, it was curing our hangovers and welcoming us with tons of food. Welcome to the great tapas capital on the coast of Spain! (as proclaimed by […] Read More

London: A Mini Guide

London… capital of England, home of the Queen and Royal Family, a leading global city of commerce, art, entertainment, education, fashion and history!  Read More

Seeing London from the BB Bakery Bus Tour

Most of you know that I come from a family of bakers. I’m #TheBakersDaughter from Zeppieri & Sons Italian Bakery, and was practically born with confectioner’s sugar in my blood. So it won’t come as a surprise that while in London, I ended up on a double decker bus tour hosted by… you guessed it, a […] Read More

What To Eat In Capri

Capri is a beautiful island off the coast of Naples and Sorrento, Italy. As one of the more cosmopolitan islands in the Mediterranean Sea, it has always attracted celebrities and vacationers with its’ high end boutiques, luxury shopping and beautiful hotels.  Read More

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