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by Angelina Zeppieri


10 Things to Do in Ibiza That Doesn’t Involve Partying

Ibiza That Doens't Involve Partying

Spain (and the island of Ibiza in particular) is considered a huge party destination, but is there anything to do in Ibiza that doesn’t involve partying? A group of friends and I tested it out first hand this summer during a Euro-trip that took us to three major cities: Amsterdam, Ibiza and Barcelona. I can […] Read More

8 Reasons to Visit Coney Island

“The photo ops are endless here.” Just a few of the many reasons to visit Coney Island. It ONLY took 25 years of living in New York and 3 months of pleading with my boyfriend for me to actually get here. So if you’ve also never been, just know this: it’s a destination in itself. luna […] Read More

Staying at a “Lowxury” Hotel in Spain

What’s a “lowxury” hotel, you might ask? It’s a cool concept behind the appropriately named “Chic & Basic” hotel group that are sprouting up around Europe, mainly in Barcelona and Amsterdam. These hotels combine all the amenities and details of a stylish boutique hotel, that feels luxe but is actually an affordable price. I had the pleasure […] Read More

15 Photos That Will Inspire You to Visit Amsterdam

I’m overwhelmed at how much I enjoyed the Netherlands. Overwhelmed is actually an understatement, because I can’t stop thinking about our time there. I wasn’t expecting to love Amsterdam as much as I now do. It’s a quaint, artistic city with an intricate canal system and a severe bike culture. It’s obviously well known for […] Read More

What To Eat In Barcelona

What to eat in Barcelona

Heading to Barcelona straight after a three-night binge in Ibiza might not have been the most well thought-out plan, but if there’s one thing this cosmopolitan city was good for, it was curing our hangovers and welcoming us with tons of food. Welcome to the great tapas capital on the coast of Spain! (as proclaimed by […] Read More

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