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by Angelina Zeppieri

United States

8 Reasons to Visit Coney Island

“The photo ops are endless here.” Just a few of the many reasons to visit Coney Island. It ONLY took 25 years of living in New York and 3 months of pleading with my boyfriend for me to actually get here. So if you’ve also never been, just know this: it’s a destination in itself. luna […] Read More

Get Inspired To Visit Brooklyn

I’m a born and raised New Yorker, but even having lived here my whole 25 years of life, I still get amazed at this magnificent city that I am fortunate enough to work and play in every day. The city of New York is a one-of-a-kind wonder; a destination that provides so much to see […] Read More

10 Things To Do In New York During The Summer (For Free!)

Free things to do in New York summer

York City can be more than a little expensive. But there are plenty of ways to enjoy New York for free! Not only are these activities guaranteed a good time, but they’re 100% budget-friendly. Bryant Park Summer Film Festival For movie buffs in New York, the annual HBO Summer Film Festival is back for its season in […] Read More

Must-See in NYC: 12 Sites Everyone Should Visit

The city of New York is a one-of-a-kind wonder; a destination that provides so much to see and do. I’m lucky enough to call it my home, yet there’s still landmarks that I haven’t visited! The Big Apple is not just known for one or two popular sites, but for 100 (at least). The different places, buildings, neighborhoods and sites […] Read More

Paddle Boarding in Sarasota, Florida

Traveling down to Sarasota proved to be the most “vacation” like out of any trip I’ve taken so far this year. It was the ultimate retreat… Relaxing poolside, lazy afternoons on beautiful beaches, quality time with my family. We worked up a sweat, cooled off in the bath-tub water of the Gulf of Mexico, and […] Read More

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