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by Angelina Zeppieri


Where & What To Eat In Montreal

Montreal is basically the sister city of NYC when it comes to culinary options. It’s a small island jam-packed with restaurants, eateries, cafes and everything in between. I just scratched the surface of eating and drinking during my three-day trip, but if you find yourself wandering the city, here’s a few suggestions for where and […] Read More

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling, by R.D. Crystal Cascio

One of the hardest parts about vacations and trips is trying to stay healthy while traveling and eat well on-the-go. Think about the majority of meals and snacks offered at airports, bus, train, and gas stations, along with food establishments that are off the highways. Most of the foods offered are not healthy and fast food […] Read More

What To Eat In Barcelona

What to eat in Barcelona

Heading to Barcelona straight after a three-night binge in Ibiza might not have been the most well thought-out plan, but if there’s one thing this cosmopolitan city was good for, it was curing our hangovers and welcoming us with tons of food. Welcome to the great tapas capital on the coast of Spain! (as proclaimed by […] Read More

Most Iconic Foods in New York City

There are certain staple foods that places all around the world are known for. They’re iconic dishes that are as much a part of a city as its history and landmarks. There’s deep-dish pizza in Chicago, fish tacos in San Diego, poke in Honolulu and BBQ ribs in Memphis. You get the picture. These foods […] Read More

Where To Eat In Red Hook, Brooklyn

Back at it again with another NYC neighborhood to eat your way through. We tackled Brooklyn as a whole, from Dumbo to Williamsburg and other popular spots, but now I take you a littler further south to the waterfront neighborhood of Red Hook.  Read More

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