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by Angelina Zeppieri


How To Create A Travel Blog

How To Create A Blog

Believe it or not, creating a blog is actually pretty easy. Whether you want to set up a travel blog, an e-commerce shop, or a website for your business, it’s really not that hard as long as you have all the right resources. But when you don’t even know where to begin, that’s when it […] Read More

Review: The Work + Travel Course

According to the duo behind the term, a Bucketlist Bombshell is “someone who believes in living life on her own terms.” A go-getter, a dreamer and a doer. Someone who values the freedom to create their own lifestyle by being their own boss. I think there is a part of everyone who can find a little […] Read More

More Social, Less Media: How to Disconnect

We live in a world completely consumed by social media. There isn’t a single day where we all don’t pick up our cell phones, tablets or some other electronic device, log into our accounts, and scroll feeds full of photos…  Read More

10 Tips for Traveling to Europe

We’re half way through September and I’ve already been home from my European adventure for nearly a month. With the temperatures starting to cool off and summer officially ending, it’s hard to believe I was just swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. Read More

10 Must-Pack Travel Essentials

Whenever I travel, I do my best to pack everything in a carry-on. No matter how far I’m going or for how long. I use my packing skills and get everything into a neat, little bag. I prefer comfort and ease and extra room for shopping. Of course the contents of my carry-on suitcase vary depending […] Read More

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