Where Next

by Angelina Zeppieri


The Difference Between Travel & Vacation

Growing up, I didn’t realize that there IS a difference between traveling and vacationing. It wasn’t until I visited Greece that I really learned this understanding. Up until that point in my life (mid 2013), I had always associated the two as one in the same. But then again, my experience of seeing the world was […] Read More

The Truth About Solo Travel

The thought of taking a solo trip can be scary. There’s not only comfort and assurance by traveling with others, but the ability to share memories and experiences with people from our circle. Remove these known factors, and an individual might become quite terrified of travel. But travel, especially solo travel, is a personal journey. […] Read More

More Social, Less Media: How to Disconnect

We live in a world completely consumed by social media. There isn’t a single day where we all don’t pick up our cell phones, tablets or some other electronic device, log into our accounts, and scroll feeds full of photos…  Read More