How To Create A Travel Blog

How To Create A Blog

Believe it or not, creating a blog is actually pretty easy. Whether you want to set up a travel blog, an e-commerce shop, or a website for your business, it’s really not that hard as long as you have all the right resources.

But when you don’t even know where to begin, that’s when it can get a little tricky.

Since I’ve been getting a lot of requests to help my friends & fam with starting up their own website, I figured I’d share some of my resources that helped me along the way.

By no means am I web developer,  WordPress pro, or even professionally trained in digital development. But I got myself from Point A (nothing) to Point B (fully functioning travel blog) for under $200 and with little to no help from anyone.

So let’s begin! Here’s how to create a travel blog (or any type of blog you might desire):

How To Create A Blog

The “stuff” that works on the “back end” of your website AKA the stuff that nobody sees, but is the backbone to everything you do.

  • Bluehost – Quite possibly the most popular web hosting provider. You need their services to buy your domain name (that fancy URL you get to pick) and host it (push it out for the word to see), with simple WordPress integration.
  • GoDaddy – They do the same thing as Bluehost (domain registrar and web hosting). I’ve used GoDaddy for years and have nothing but good things to say.

Whether Bluehost or GoDaddy is your provider of choice, this is the essential step to getting started.

How To Create A Blog

The fun part! And probably the most time-consuming. If you’re super detail-oriented like me, this step is a never-ending process. I’m still changing themes, updating layouts, swapping colors and fixing pictures all the time.

  • Squarespace – Every brand or blog needs a logo of some kind. Squarespace let’s you create and save a logo for around $10. My logo was pretty simple, so this was an ideal resource for me.
    • Squarespace is also an option for creating a website. I’ve never used this platform as a registrar or host provider, so I can’t really weigh in!
  • Bluchic – Beautifully designed, feminine themes for your site. WordPress themes are the “packages” that contain the styling, fonts, colors, layout, etc to your site. You can use free ones from WordPress, buy pre-made ones (like this one I’m using) from Bluchic, or have someone design a completely custom look for you.
  • – A great little resource that helps you add words and art to photos. You can create and design images to be used as blog headers, newsletters, social media posts, or any other web element you might need to make.

How To Create A Blog

Once you’re up and running, you have a world of tools at your fingertips to keep your blog running smoothly, and optimizing for a broader reach.

  • Facebook Groups – If there’s a problem or purpose, there’s a Facebook group for it. Groups are incredible resources for connecting with other people on specific topics. You can ask questions in the group, and have tons of different people and levels of ability weigh in on your topic.
  • WP-BFF – Shannon of WordPress BFF is your one-stop-shop for nearly anything WordPress related. If you’re stuck on something, have a problem you can’t fix, or looking for some helpful tips, she offers tons of info on the subject of building a website.
  • Bucketlist Bombshells – If you’re looking to monetize your skills or online business, these world-traveling broads offer a complete course that will help you get from cubicle dweller to digital nomad in no time. Just something to consider if you’re really looking to turn your passion into a profit.
  • One Woman Shop – An excellent hub of resources for everything business-related; run by women for women.
  • Mailchimp – One of the easiest ways to create e-newsletters and blast them out to your friends, followers or fans.

And there you have it! Everything you need to know on how to create a travel blog.

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