10 Best Spots for a Margarita in NYC


In my book, Cinco de Mayo means spring is here. It’s like the prelude to Memorial Day Weekend. And an excuse to drink copious amounts of tequila on a random Tuesday night.

If you’re anywhere in New York City, then you basically have a margarita at your fingertips around every corner. Actually, you have over 16,000 restaurant options and over 2,600 bar options on any given night. How’s a girl to pick one place out of all these possibilities??

If picking 1 out of 16,000 is too hard, maybe 1 out of 10 will be a little easier. Here’s my 10 best spots in NYC to grab a marg this Cinco de Mayo!

  1. Salvation Taco. For a midtown spot with authentic margaritas. The ambiance, the décor, the tequila… this is one of my favorite spots in NYC.
  2. Tequila Park Taqueria. Located in the Hudson Hotel’s park patio. Go for the seclusion and location tucked away from the city noise. They also serve over 40 varieties of world-class tequila and have a “taco shack” for your cravings.
  3. La Biblioteca. Go for the happy hour! With dim lighting, good music and delicious flavored margs, it’s definitely a 5 o’clock hot spot.
  4. Agave. If you’re not into the margarita, head to the West Village for Agave’s lengthy tequila cocktail menu.
  5. Mexicue. Go for a twist on traditional Mexican food and experience the unique combination of Mexican & BBQ. Be sure to try their seasonal marg, it’s pure deliciousness.
  6. Los Feliz. Go for the downstairs room alone. You’ll feel like you’re in a basement speakeasy, secretly sipping your ginger margarita.
  7. The Roof. Go for the view. Get the jalapeno margarita if you can handle the spice, or try the Walking Dead.
  8. Rosa Mexicano. No newbie on the block, Rosa Mexicano has been around for 30 years. Go for the best tasting guilt-free margarita. So when you have four or five, you won’t feel that bad about yourself.
  9. Fonda. For the hibiscus-flavored margarita. Tastes and smells as good as it sounds.
  10. Caliente Cab Co. For the strongest margaritas I’ve ever had. Lights out.


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