NYC Bucket List: 15 Things To Check Off This Summer

NYC “bucket lists” are typically filled with the main tourist sites and generic activites – ride in a yellow taxi, walk through Central Park, eat pizza, and a dirty-water dog, go to the museums, etc. etc. etc.

But I’ve done all that more times than I can count. I’ve been to the top of the Empire State Building, Top of the Roc, and One World Trade. I’ve seen the Statue of Liberty, rode the Cyclone in Coney Island and been to more Broadway Shows than I can remember.

I’ve even done a majority of the “unique” things to do in this city – from spas to Smorgasburg, and drinking on boats to drinking at a masquerade.

So what could possibly be left?

The more unusual, the least touristy, and the newest places of interest.

So this is my very own, personal ‘bucket list’ of things I’d like to finally check off in NYC, sometime before Labor Day rolls around.

– My NYC Bucket List –

Have breakfast at Pershing Square. Idk why, but I always look at it longingly when I walk out of Grand Central.

Listen to a New York Philharmonic. Classical music makes me feel smart(er).

Eat Mexican corn at La Esquina. Margs in a speakeasy at a place that’s notoriously hard to get reservations at.

Watch the sunset at Le Bain. Quite the view from up there.

Get a drink at Tokyo Record Bar. I’m a sucker for a record player, and this place let’s you decide what spins.

Catch a movie at Nitehawk. Eating and drinking while in the movie theater is something I’ve yet to experience.

Get a manicure (and matcha latte) from The Chillhouse. I love manis so matcha.

Picnic in Elevate Acre. This secret little park up above NYC sounds like a dreamy spot for a picnic.

See The Magician at The Nomad. Tickets to the show sell out in 10 seconds (yes, seconds). Enough said.

Ride the Roosevelt Island Tramway. Because boats and bridges are so last summer.

Go to a late-night jazz concert at Nublu. I’m feeling so musical this season.

Time travel to one of these abandoned buildings. I like spooky things, and I’m fascinated by their history.

Take a ‘gram at While We Were Young. Doesn’t get more chic than that.

Eat a Black Coconut Ash Cone from Morgenstern’s. We all scream for black coconut ice cream.

Experience Sushi Roxx… because, live performers.

What are some other interesting things to do in NYC as the weather gets warm?


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