Two of the most famous and most traveled islands of Greece are Mykonos and Santorini. Although pretty different from each other, each are amazing and offer so much to do.

To island hop in Greece you’ll need to get on a ferry. Since you’ll most likely start out in Athens, you’ll have three ports to leave from: Rafina, Piraeus or Lavina. If your first stop is Mykonos, then Rafina Port is your best bet. I recommend prebooking your ferry ride online through sites like this or this.

So you’ve got your ferry ticket, now let’s hop!

Mykonos is the MECCA of Greece. Any of the beaches here are absolutely gorgeous with crystal clear water, white sand and tan bodies everywhere.

Zip around the island on a rented ATV. It’s definitely the easiest and cheapest way to get wherever you want to go. No waiting for a cab or walking aimless on Greek countryside roads. You might stumble upon a local’s beach or find an awesome gelato shop just by driving around the island.

Little Venice-Mykonos
Mykonos sunset from Little Venice.

The section of downtown Mykonos known as “Little Venice” is a great dinner location. It’s especially gorgeous if you get there right at sunset. Any of the restaurants on the water are naturally a bit over priced but the scenery is worth it. You also have a perfect view of the famous Mykonos wind mills.

If you’re looking for a party scene then be sure to visit Mykonos during the peak months of July and August.

Go to Paradise Beach during the day and at 4PM on. the. dot. music starts blaring, dancers jump up on tables and the champagne showers start. Party and drink for a few hours, rest up, then hit the clubs around midnight. You can try Cavo Paradiso or Space for dancing or the Skandanavian Bar for heavier drinking, frat style.

If wild pool parties aren’t really you’re thing, check out Psarou Beach. You’ll feel like you hit the jackpot and graduated to the Good Life. Lush daybeds, waiters bringing you cocktails, fresh sushi on the menu and multi-million dollar yachts parked less than 50 feet away.

Be sure to treat yourself to a gourmet meal at Nammos after a day of lounging in the sun.

Psarou Beach


Next hop, Santorini. This island is home to the most beautiful sunsets in the WORLD. It is the perfect spot to end your vacation and enjoy some relaxation and unwinding.

Especially if you’re heading there after a few booze-filled days in Mykonos and hours of sitting on ferries.

If you’re adventurous and like outdoor activities, you will definitely enjoy hiking from Fira to Oia along the coastline.

Or drive your ATV to the top of Pyrgos, the highest point above sea level on the island…. you’ll get a bird’s eye view from up above the clouds.

Santorini is actually the product of a dormant volcano that lies underwater. A tiny tip of the volcano peaks out of the Aegean Sea and many boat tours will bring you there, allowing you to climb to the top and walk around on the volcanic rock. Pretty cool experience, I mean how many other times can you say you’ve walked on a volcano?

Black Sand Beach in Santorini, where the sand is actually black!


If you’re not afraid of heights or a rickety old donkey, you can ride one from the port to the top of Santorini. It’s definitely an experience!

Santorini is also loaded with wineries. Pick one (or three!) and do a tour and tasting of the homemade wines. If you fall in love with the wines, ship some home! Chances are you can’t get the wine anywhere else outside of Greece.

If you have the time, hop over to a few more islands and explore what makes them special. If you trip ends here (like ours did), you can catch a cheap and short flight from the Santorini airport back to Athens, and avoid sitting on ferry for 17 hours!

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