Sleep-No-More: An Interactive Theater Production


I finally got to cross something off my 25×25 list that I’ve been dying to do… I experienced the theatrical, interactive, creepily entertaining production called Sleep No More

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Sleep No More, this “show” is a popular New York City production created by the British theatre company Punchdrunk. It’s been open since 2011 at The McKittrick Hotel in the Chelsea district of NYC. Although not really a hotel, this warehouse-turned-play-venue is five stories of hotel-themed and Shakespeare-inspired adventure.


Maybe you saw that episode of Gossip Girl, or maybe you know someone who experienced it, but I guarantee no matter how much you read, learn or hear about Sleep No More, nothing compares to experiencing it yourself! There is actually no experience (that I can think of) that is quite like this one.

Here’s a few tips & personal insights for getting the most out of your own Sleep No More experience:

  • Brush up on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. If you want to play along and (attempt to) figure out who is who, it’s worth a look at CliffNotes!
  • Wear comfortable shoes. This isn’t for your expensive heels or trendy footwear. It’s 2 to 3 hours of walking around and climbing up and down stairs. You’ll want your pups to be comfy.
  • Eat a good meal (and maybe have a few drinks to make you braver). You’ll need your energy levels up! Nothing like a quick carb-load at the Pizzotecha on 27th Street.
  • Wear contacts instead of glasses. And be prepared for dim lighting!
  • Bathrooms are located on the 5th floor… three cocktails later and you might need to know that.
  • Get the most out of your time by starting on the top floors, and working your way down. Stick around and catch as many scenes as you can on each floor. You’ll know when it’s time to move on when the scenes start repeating.
  • Follow the actors. They are the scenes, or will take you to them. But be prepared for everyone to be following them with you.
  • Do & go wherever YOU want to. They say it’s an “individual experience”, so if you want to go upstairs, or left, or opposite of the crowd, then do that!
  • Don’t be scared! It might feel like a haunted house, but there won’t be anyone popping out of dark corners. The setting just helps amplify the story and set the tone.
  • Everyone wears a mask, so no one can see who you are, nor does anyone actually care! You’re there to see the performances and catch as many scenes as you can, not observe the crowd.

Wander, experience and roam around to your heart’s content.

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