Learning To Speak Italian with ABC Languages

Life update: I’ve been taking private Italian language classes for the past 6 weeks!

I’ve always said that I want to speak Italian fluently. I studied it during high school, visited Italy a few times and try to speak with my cousins over WhatsApp, and I even took an adult group class in NYC last year. But here I am, still barely fluent, still struggling to speak conversationally.

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So when ABC Languages approached me with some other options, I knew I had to give it a try.  This time… I’m taking private lessons.

My Professoressa Chiara and I meet once a week at the ABC Languages space in Midtown, Manhattan — a convenient walk from my office to 29th Street. We only have an hour together, but we spend the time actually speaking in Italian.

I do my best to tell her how my weekend was, what I’ve been up to, who I am. I understand better than I speak, so I almost always know what she’s saying to me — but it’s the responding part that can trip me up.

I’ve also been supplementing my practice with Duolingo and listening to podcasts in Italian. I’m even looking into classic Italian movies with subtitles.

Can you tell I’m serious about finally learning this language?

foreign language course

What I love about ABC is that they gave me options. There’s group classes, privates in their office, privates in your own home… they basically asked how would you like to learn?

That was SO refreshing.

Typically, you find that foreign language courses are all textbook-centric. Much like any high school class, you get a book and you practice conjugations, you do a few speaking exercises, and that’s it.

But clearly that hasn’t ever worked for me. Not 5 years ago and not more recently. So I’m hoping this new approach — of private classes where you don’t have to feel embarrassed for pronouncing a word wrong or competitive that your classmate is picking it up faster — will help me to actually speak.

A huge thank you to ABC Languages for helping me achieve this goal to speak Italian. I have 6 more lessons left, and I hope to be even more fluent by the time those end.

If you want to learn a foreign language in NYC, check out ABC online. Tell them I sent you!

A presto!

I received these classes complimentary in exchange for my honest feedback and an online review. 

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  • wow, I am in awe of you. Keep up the good work. It’s a beautiful language. You will speak it proudly. ❤️❤️

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