Top Travel Moments from 2016

This year is a WRAP in just a few days, and it was a weird one. So I’m taking a minute to look back and think about my top moments from 2016.

Some things were challenging, some were wild, and some were pure magic. I laughed, I loved, I cried, I questioned. I watched my best friend get married, I got promoted, I made new friends around the world, I got hooked on podcasts, and I kicked ass as much as possible.

But if I had to narrow down 2016 into my best travel moments, these would be my top five:

Cliff Jumping in Anguilla.

I’m not particular afraid of heights (see: skydiving) but jumping off a 10 foot cliff with a bunch of people you’ve literally just met – and being the first person to volunteer – means this experience lands a spot on the list.

top moments from 2016

All of Amsterdam.

It’s no secret I fell in love with Amsterdam. We loved everything from the bikes and canals to the coffee shops and the beer. I’d go back to Amsterdam in a heartbeat but I can’t single out one experience or single moment from the trip that was better than the rest, the whole thing was just my favorite.

Going Solo to Montreal.

Accidentally going on a solo trip is not something you hear every day, but I tackled Montreal like a champ. I would’ve loved for the trip have gone as planned (with travel buddy included), but things don’t always work out as you expect them to. And going at it alone actually made this one of my best trips this year.

Dune Buggies in Dominican Republic.

I’ve been to the Dominican Republic more times than I care to admit, but this year’s trip was extra special, romantic and indulgent. Aside from the all-inclusive bites and palm-lined beaches, I had never done any excursions or water sports during all my visits to the island, so getting down and dirty in the dunes of DR was a memory well worth the mud.

top moments from 2016

Helicopter Tour over NYC.

I had been dying to take a helicopter tour and finally got to cross it off my list this year by flying over the amazing New York City. You haven’t seen all of NYC until you get an up close bird’s eye view from 2,000 feet above ground, with your feet dangling above the skyscrapers. Shout out to FlyNyon for making it happen.

top moments from 2016

With so many awesome moments from 2016, I can only imagine what 2017 will have in store.

See ya on the flip side.

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