10 Must-Pack Travel Essentials

Whenever I travel, I do my best to pack everything in a carry-on. No matter how far I’m going or for how long. I use my packing skills and get everything into a neat, little bag. I prefer comfort and ease and extra room for shopping.

Of course the contents of my carry-on suitcase vary depending on the trip. But aside from staple items like your passport, undies and deodorant, there are a few things that I think are essential to almost any trip. These items definitely help me make memories and capture everything without missing a beat.


Camera. I LOVE taking photos. Whether it be iPhone for convenience, GoPro for those awesome selfies, or DSLR for vivid, beautiful images that you’ll appreciate later, you have to pack some kind of picture-taking device.

LifeProof Phone Case. Or any waterproof and shockproof case that you might prefer. My LifeProof case is perfect for capturing some underwater moments and lets me trek around worry-free.

Converter/Adapter. A good multi-country converter/adapter gadget will let you be prepared no matter what country you visit, and packing it for each international trip will mean no surprise blow outs!

Walking Shoes. Bring at least one pair of shoes that won’t give you blisters or heel spurs as you’re spending 12+ hours touring around your destination city. Best to wear these on your feet as you’re departing, rather than pack them and taking up room in your suitcase.

A Good Read. Pack a good book (or two) to occupy your mind on long flights, overnight trains or for relaxing on a local beach. Chances are you can trade books with other travelers if you finish your read before your trip is up!

Organic SPF Moisturizer. A smidge of SPF in your daily moisturizer will do wonders for your skin. I’m addicted to putting moisturizer on my face every day, and prefer the kind with ingredients I actually understand.. Like aloe, sunflower seed oil and carrot root extract in Yes to Carrots Nourishing Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15.

Birksun Backpack. The backpack of the future. Complete with a solar panel for charging your cell-phone on the go, this is the ultimate gadget-friendly backpack. Avoid the dreaded 20%.

Journal. Because how else are you supposed to remember the names of the restaurants you stumbled upon, the secret beaches you found, or the exact emotions you were feeling on any given day? You just have to write it down. You’ll thank yourself (or me) later!

Hat. Baseball cap, fedora, panama hat… whatever style fits your face. Sometimes you just can’t take any more sun on your skin. Or it just looks really good with your outfit!

An Open Mind. When you’re traveling, nothing ever goes 100-percent-exactly-according-to-plan. A flight is delayed, you miss a ferry stop, you blow out your hair dryer on Day 1… chic happens. Have an open mind and a positive outlook on things. You’ll enjoy yourself a lot more if you learn to just roll with the ups and downs of travel. And I guarantee the ups are far better than the downs ;)

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