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by Angelina Zeppieri

The Difference Between Travel & Vacation

Growing up, I didn’t realize that there IS a difference between traveling and vacationing. It wasn’t until I visited Greece that I really learned this understanding. Up until that point in my life (mid 2013), I had always associated the two as one in the same. But then again, my experience of seeing the world was […] Read More

Exploring Cuba on Horseback

Just when you thought I was done writing about Cuba, I’m back with another story to share. Where’ve I been all this time, you ask? After Cuba, I headed to St. Kitts for a work trip. Then I went to Key West for a bachelorette party. Now I’m packing for Mexico. It’s been a little […] Read More

8 Things To Know Before You Go To Cuba

So you’re packed and off to Cuba, visa and passport in hand! (PAUSE. If you’re scratching your head about a visa – go back and read this post about how to get to Cuba.) So what’s left to know about visiting this destination? Here’s a few tips for my fellow Americans: Bring Euros. You get a […] Read More

How To Visit Cuba As An American

I’m an American and I traveled to Cuba, no questions asked. A few weeks after returning from my trip and I’m still bringing it up bragging to basically anyone who’ll listen. Cuba leaves that kind of impression on you. It’s not like other Caribbean islands. But even though Americans have been granted (somewhat) access to […] Read More

Time Traveling To Havana, Cuba

Is there anything more fascinating than going somewhere you’ve been told you’re not allowed to go? That’s what Cuba is (or was) for Americans. An undiscovered location we’ve been shielded from. But as most of the world now knows, all that has been changing. Yay! I can’t even begin to explain how amazing and interesting it […] Read More

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