10 Romantic Destinations To Visit With Your Babe

Love is in the air, pals.

Valentine’s Day is one week away (are you reading this Michael?? subtle reminder ;))

Last week I did some extensive research for my recent podcast episode (listen to it below!) and learned just how important travel can be to our relationships, particularly to romantic ones.

I always knew, from personal experiences, that traveling with your partner affects the relationship.

It makes you bond, connect on a deeper level, and overall just appreciate each other a hell of a lot more – because how can you not be happy with your man when you’re sitting on a beautiful beach or exploring a new mountain vs. sitting on the couch, crowded in your shoebox apartment?

But this research actually backed up everything I’d felt. Proving that, basically, if you travel with your significant other – your relationship with benefit SO much.

A.K.A., go on a romantic getaway this month rather then showering each other in gifts and rose pedals.

Need some inspo? Here are my favorite romantic destinations to visit with your person.


There are so many beautiful cities in Mexico! All of which can make for a romantic getaway. From the beach town of Tulum or the pacific coast’s Los Cabos, to the cosmopolitan Mexico City. Take your pick.

The Caribbean

Because nothing is more relaxing than sitting on a beach with your boo and a rum daiquiri in hand. Some of my favorite islands are Saint Martin, Anguilla, and Saint Lucia, but they’re all amazing.

New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’re a foodie, head to NOLA with your S.O. for some seriously amazing Louisiana cuisine. Beignets and biscuits, jambalaya and gumbo, po’boys and muffalettas, I could go on. Plus the locals are amazing and generous and will go out of their way to ensure you have a nice experience in their city!

Also check out this guide to surviving Bourbon Street.

The Berkshires, Massachusetts

A little mountain air is good for the soul, and for your relationship! The Berkshires is one of my favorite destinations on the east coast for nature, fresh air, and craft beer.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston has literally been voted the best city in the U.S. – it’s just that good. If Southern charm and friendly faces (+ history and food and architecture and ghosts) pique your interest, make Charleston your next getaway with your hunny.

Santorini, Greece

There’s a reason so many people honeymoon in Santorini. It’s quieter pace, coastal views, breathtaking sunsets, amazing hotels with infinity pools (just sayin’).

It’s a dream you won’t want to wake up from.

Paris, France

It’s only right that Paris makes the mix. The City of Lights is quite possibly the most romantic city in the world, there’s just something in the air – and it’s certainly love.

Venice, Italy

Canals and gondolas and pasta and wine. Need I say more?

Montreal, Canada

This Canadian city is a fab option for a romantic getaway, especially because of its French influences (and the French like invented romance, right?). Old Montreal is one of my favorite neighborhoods, with cobblestone streets and views of the port.

I hear Quebec City is very romantic and charming too, but I haven’t been (yet).

Napa Valley, California

The one place on this list that I haven’t been (yet), but felt appropriate to add… because, wine. Touring vineyard after vineyard and tasting all the beautiful California wines sounds like my dream romantic getaway.

Truth is, these destinations are great for a romantic getaway, but ANYWHERE can turn into a romantic trip as long as you’re together and enjoying the time with each other.

So if you can’t get to Italy or Mexico, opt for a road trip to a cabin in the woods, a train ride to the nearest city, or even a staycation in a fancy hotel.

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